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We are a full-service firm, with a number of specialties.

We use our business organization and transaction experience to successfully represent nonprofit organizations. We can help you with:

  • Formation

  • Qualification for Federal and State Tax-Exempt Status

  • Fund-Raising and Charitable Donation Issues

  • Ongoing Tax Compliance and Form 990 preparation

We have worked with a variety of private and public charities from community coalitions to local theater groups that operate as nonprofits. We can help you set up your organization and we have the tools to help your organization succeed.


We also understand the issues faced by nonprofits are similar as those faced by for-profit businesses, including:

  • Management and Administration

  • Compliance Issues

  • Employment Law

  • Finance

  • Real Estate, and,

  • when necessary, Litigation.

Representative Clients:

  • Animal Rescue Shelter

  • Community Theater Group

  • Higher Education Foundation

  • Montessori Preschool


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